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VJ Books and Norwood Press introduce FANFARE!
What's all the FANFARE?

Norwood Press & VJ Books present FANFARE

Last year we successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign to publish Alan Jacobson's thriller SPECTRUM. It was our second Kickstarter funded project and Norwood Press' 4th Alan Jacobson title. What we learned is that an overwhelming percentage of our Kickstarter pledgers were already VJ Books/Norwood Press customers.

We have decided to bypass the Kickstarter process for Alan's next book, THE LOST CODEX. Instead we are offering Alan's fans and our customers the opportunity to crowd fund this exciting new title without the hoopla of the Kickstarter process.

Our process, FANFARE, provides the same opportunity for you to be a part of this exciting new release in a more intimate setting.

Check it out and get your rewards here!

Norwood Press Deluxe Limited Edition Books

Cussler, Clive / Perry, Thomas - Mayan Secrets, The (Limited, Lettered) Cussler, Clive & Cussler, Dirk - Havana Storm (Limited Numbered) Cussler, Clive & Scott, Justin - Bootlegger, The (Limited, Numbered)
Cussler, Clive & Cussler, Dirk - Havana Storm ( Limited Lettered)